Distracted Driving

4 Reasons Why Driving While Distracted (DWD) May Be the New DUI – Distracted driving is potentially as dangerous as driving drunk and is much more common.

If you drive while distracted, you should know these facts:

1. You are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision if you text while driving and 4 times more likely if you talk on a cellphone (hand-held or hands-free) while driving

2. You may be breaking the law. All provinces in Canada, plus the Yukon and Northwest Territories now have bans in place on using cellphones or hand-held electronic devices while driving. Depending on the legislation, penalties can include hefty fines and, in many cases, demerit points.

3. A distracted driver may fail to see up to 50% of the available information in the driving environment. You may look but not actually see what is happening

4. A study showed that nearly 80% of collisions and 65% of near-collisions involved some form of driver inattention up to three seconds prior to the event. http://assets.ibc.ca/Documents/Brochures/DWD-May-Soon-Be-the-New-DUI.pdf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNGtPI3AQLo#iPromise #StopDistractedDriving #DriveSafe #ItsTheLaw #DontDrinkandDrive #PutDownThePhone